What is ESSCO?

ESSCO is the ‘Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario’. It is the association that represents engineering societies from 16 universities across Ontario, and acts as the link between engineering students and professional associations, academia, and government.

Since its creation in 1987, ESSCO’s goal has been to promote “unity, continuity, and visibility among Ontario engineering students”.

Every year ESSCO hosts conferences and events. For more information on ESSCO, their objectives and events, please visit their website at www.essco.ca.

What is Engineers Canada?

Engineers Canada is the national organization of the 12 engineering regulators across Canada that license the country’s 295,000 members of the profession.  Engineers Canada and the regulators work together to advance the profession in the public interest.

Engineers Canada accredits Canadian undergraduate programs in engineering. Students who receive a degree from an accredited engineering program meet the academic requirements needed to become licensed with Canada’s engineering regulators.

For more information on Engineers Canada and accredited engineering program, please visit their website at www.engineerscanada.ca.