What are PEO chapters?

PEO chapters provide a local presence for engineers across the province. The 36 chapters are separated into five regions – Northern, Eastern, Western, East Central and West Central.

For over 50 years, chapters have played an integral role in assisting PEO carry out its mandate to regulate the engineering profession and providing a venue for members to communicate with PEO council.  Chapters engage in a broad range of activities that include P.Eng. licence certificate presentation ceremonies; technical presentations and tours; education outreach events for local elementary and high schools; and social and professional development opportunities. Currently, there are over 400 professional engineers volunteering in the chapter system.

How can students participate?

Students of all levels (high school or university) are always welcome to attend PEO chapter meetings. Simply contact the chair of the chapter in your area (either where you reside or where you are going to school) for permission to attend the next meeting.

Attending the regular monthly executive meetings of the chapters is a great place to learn firsthand about professional engineering in the local community. Students are encouraged to use chapter meetings as a way to network with professional engineers or volunteer in the community.

Find and contact your chapter.

Note: Student Members’ PEO Chapter is determined based on the location of their university.  However, students are welcome to attend other chapter events.