Professional Engineers Ontario’s Student Membership Program
Professional Engineers Ontario’s Student Membership Program

It’s free to join, and open to all undergraduate engineering students.

About SMP

The Student Membership Program (SMP) is a great way for students to connect with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and the engineering community.

It’s free to join, and open to all undergraduate engineering students. We won’t spam you, and you’ll receive important information from PEO.

By registering for the SMP, you’ll be able to keep in touch with the association that regulates professional engineering in Ontario and get a head start in establishing a connection to the professional engineering community of over 85,000 members.

SMP benefits include:

  • student website with information about engineering news/presentations/surveys and issues, how to obtain your license, transitioning into the Engineering Intern (EIT) program and accessing mentorship opportunities through PEO;
  • invitations/email notices for local events/presentations offered by PEO chapters and other organizations (including student pricing, in some cases);
  • opportunities to have your questions about licensure and engineering answered by PEO and members of the engineering community; and
  • access to PEO’s official journal, Engineering Dimensions.

For more information, please see the following:


Engineering Dimensions


Licensing Documents

Licensing FAQ

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Suja John, P.Eng.

A professional engineer is expected to abide by the Code of Ethics and work with a degree of professionalism. We are expected to be competent in our area of engineering and have a high degree of personal honour and professional integrity. As in any field, the services rendered by a licensed professi...

Matthew Xie, P.Eng., MBA

I believe that a P.Eng. designation gives me some distinct advantages; recognition from society and other professionals, a perceived image of honesty and integrity.

Jennifer Neate, P.Eng.

My designation was the next logical step in my journey, and meant that I might become valuable as an employee and more marketable should I wish to change employers. I now feel that the designation is not just a step in an engineering career path, but rather an essential means of protection for both ...

Angelo Boschetti, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Without my licence, my education would have been an unfinished work. Professional engineers need to be respected for the great value they bring to the public and the public has a duty to protect it.

Annette Bergeron, P.Eng

Seeing a ‘P.Eng.’ after a practitioner’s name provides assurance that this individual has been scrutinized by his or her peers in terms of experience, education, and ethical conduct.

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